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Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced climate control systems have been enhancing people’s homes and lives for more than 30 years. We are the third largest manufacturer of Cooling & Heating Systems in the world, with the goal of being the top provider of comfort without compromise. Our systems provide personalized comfort, conserve energy and promote environmental sustainability, all from a company you know and can rely on.

Achieve Total Home Comfort

Now, more than ever, we want to improve energy efficiency. Americans are paying more attention to our carbon footprints, and are looking to mitigate the skyrocketing costs of home cooling and heating. However, most homeowners look to improve their windows and insulation, instead of improving the systems themselves.

Typically homeowners have the most trouble cooling and heating:

Historic homes – These homes are difficult to renovate, and homeowners may not want to risk losing the charm that comes with owning an older home, leaving them stuck with inefficient baseboards, radiators, and window AC units.

Townhouses and condos – Restricted by space and HOA regulations, it can be impossible to install large, outdoor condensers for traditional forced-air systems.

Homes with outdated, ducted systems – Ducted systems have traditionally been expensive and difficult to upgrade, and even after making improvements, homeowners are stuck with hot and cold spots throughout the house, which leads to less efficiency and comfort.

Whole-Home Zoning Systems Are The Answer.

Mitsubishi Electric’s whole-home solutions are completely customizable because they don’t require ductwork. Instead, you can strategically place indoor units based upon the cooling and heating needs of each room. Those units can be mounted on walls, floors or even on the ceiling. They are connected to the outdoor unit or units with small conduits that are only about three inches in diameter. No walls need be torn down, and the units can be carefully placed to blend in to the aesthetics of both the interior and the exterior of your home. They eliminate the logistical and cosmetic challenges that come with traditional, forced-air systems and allow you to experience room-by-room comfort.

So don’t suffer with inefficient and ineffective cooling and heating systems. Whole-home solutions are completely customizable, allowing you and your family to achieve year-round comfort while reducing energy consumption.

The Benefits

  • Lifetime of approximately 15 years
  • Highest Efficiency Rating on the market
  • Quick and easy installation – no ductwork required
  • Washable filters that last up to 10 years and remove pollen, dust, dander and other allergens. Each room has its own filter to ensure pristine air.
  • Units that can be mounted on walls, floors, or on the ceiling
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • The ability to control temperature zones with a wireless remote, smartphone or tablet
The Mitsubishi Electric ductless system provides conditioned air right at startup, quiet operation and the ability to condition rooms individually.
John Birmingham, homeowner


Best Product for HVAC / Indoor Air Quality / Building Controls

Silver Award: Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2014 Product of the Year program

Reader’s Choice Award: Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF Zoning System

Bronze Award: Appliance Design’s Excellence in Design Competition

MUZ-FE09 and MSZ-FE09 selected as part of 101 Best New Products